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The use of the most modern equipment and computer technologies allows us to work with all available types of stone.
We guarantee each client an individual approach, openness to dialogue, quality control, timeliness of orders.

Our company WaterStone from Zhitomir provides services for cutting, edging and mechanical processing of natural stone with water.

Our enterprise has own capacities for production of facing tile "Rock". We use the technology of innovative processing of natural stone with the use of purified water under ultra-high pressure, which allows to preserve the integral structure of the stone, without disturbing its crystal lattice, while revealing the beauty created by nature itself. We do not use any chemical components in production that allows to create only environmentally friendly final products.


Facing tiles "Rock" are an innovative product made on unique equipment.

Facing tiles "Rock" are made on a unique percussion-punching equipment, while the front part takes on the appearance of a bare stone of natural texture, receives strictly specified parameters of length and height. Stone tiles are split in a special way using a blank under a powerful impact press. The process leads to the formation of the so-called "torn" surface of the stone, as close as possible to its natural state and natural texture.

Stone treatment with water to work on the Italian brand owned with a grip of water up to 2000 bar.

In this process, a special technology of six-stage filtration of industrial water is observed. Modern equipment allows you to process any kind of natural stone, adjust the degree of processing for the most demanding client. Maximum surface treatment dimensions 3500mm x 2000mm x 300mm. Thanks to flexible settings, this process allows the use of surface treatments, such as: heat treatment, grinding, bush hammering, shot blasting and others.

Heat treatment of the stone is carried out under the influence of an intense flame, which destroys the top layer of the stone.

Heat treatment of the stone is carried out on Italian equipment, where, under the influence of an intense flame, the top layer of the stone is destroyed from 1 to 5 mm. The technology makes it possible to create a product suitable for all types of masonry. The finished tiles are great for outdoor use where durability and anti-slip properties are important.

Natural stone is a rock that needs processing for further use

Our specialists, using professional equipment, polish and grind the stone to remove scratches and various chips, bringing its surface to a perfectly smooth. When subjected to such treatment, the surface of the stone gradually acquires a shiny, smooth appearance, outwardly similar to glass.

Equipment of the best world manufacturers with modern quality control

We use edging equipment from the best manufacturers with obligatory control of dimensions, corner tolerances and sawing quality. The edging of the stone-cutting allows you to produce the size required by the customer. From stone slabs of different sizes, luxurious products are created: tables, window sills, steps, all kinds of tiles, ready for finishing.

Our team

Oleksandr Sokorotiaha

production director

Mykola Dolia

production director

Victor Beloshitsky

natural stone processing specialist (miller)

Mykola Novachenko

CNC machine operator for cutting natural stone

Mykhailo Savitsky

natural stone processing specialist (miller)

Our advantages

Every stone surface that goes through our craftsmen’s hands becomes absolutely smooth. We guarantee an ideal glitter and an original natural look to all your products. Our friendly team is well-organized and responsible which helps to create genuine masterpieces made of stone. After our specialists complete the processing, every stone is exceptional naturalness combined with natural beauty. The work of a cohesive team is a real art that lets us create marvelous products of natural stone with an elegant royal glitter for you. Our craftsmen possess necessary knowledge to turn even the most demanding ideas you have into life.